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I am the creator of SACRED, a trauma-healing brand that transforms lives through the power of my testimony.
by delfina


SACRED was born out of my radical encounter with God in 2019 that led to an unexpected break from 60 PTSD symptoms I battled for over 20 years.

I launched the brand in 2020 after finishing writing my book on trauma healing called, "Sacred, Not Secret" which leads survivors of sexual abuse through uncovering their past, recovering their life, and rediscovering their purpose beyond trauma, using my personal healing journey as a measure for what's possible.


SACRED gives me the opportunity to share my healing to inspire others, and I'm open about everything I've faced and conquered from suffering abuse silently, spending year trying to heal myself through sex, to breaking the silence, getting sued by my abuser and winning, and finally getting radically healed from all trauma symptoms after stepping back into my faith in Jesus. 


The heart of SACRED's mission is to educate trauma survivors how to heal using natural and supernatural healing remedies, encouraging them that total healing is possible and the future is untouched by trauma. "No one ever told me total recovery was possible," and now it's my mission to help survivors


"If I can heal, you can heal," I tell my followers in every post.

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"If I can heal, you can heal."