You can be 100% trigger free after abuse

After 10 years of dealing with discomfort and "trigger-swatting" my way to relief, I am TOTALLY FREE from trauma, triggers, and PTSD. Here's how you can be free too.

I don't have ANY triggers anymore. I haven't had a trigger in over a year. It's true! Even though I was sexually abused by my dad for 8 years, drugged and raped and taken away for weeks at a time, suffered from 60+ symptoms of PTSD including OCDs, phobias, and weird body disorders for over 20 years, I am 100% trauma and trigger free now.

Here's how I got there and what you need to know about getting there.

There is a war over your freedom.

There is a constant battle over what will win your mind's attention, your heart's affection, and your life's direction. You can call it the pull of opposites, the difference between positive and negative energy, good and evil, yin and yang, dark and light, etc. It's an invisible war, a war fought in the spirit realm/subconscious mind where advances and setbacks are determined by what you believe. Your beliefs become the framework/filter through which you see and do life.

We have about 60,000-80,000 thoughts going through our mind per day; that's 2,500-3,300 thoughts per hour. This thinking reinforces our belief system, strengthening or weakening the invisible framework based on how we perceive our experiences. What you believe determines how you perceive and how you perceive determines how you live. Our beliefs dictate our emotional responses to things, our mental health, and even our physical wellbeing. That's why a lot of motivational speakers and even preachers say, "Change your thoughts, change you life." But add trauma to the equation and you have a constant barrage of incoming data being filtered through a fragile, fear-filled framework on an hourly and daily basis, and if you're not careful, one thought (aka, a trigger) can crush you and send you spinning into dissociation (disconnection from your mind or body,) depression, and rage. I spent 10 years fighting my thoughts and re-shaping my mind to heal my triggers. I got really good at navigating discomfort and disgust, but despite my skills life still felt heavy, empty, and exhausting!

To some it might seem intellectually stimulating or spiritual to spend your life trying to figure out "why" you are, but when you're suffering from fear, pain, anxiety, depression, suicidal thinking, aversion, intimacy issues, trust issues, triggers, flashbacks, rage, anger, night terrors and more, figuring out "why" and rewiring your mind seems like a cruel requirement for freedom.

But there is one belief that permanently overrode all my triggers and trauma, and healed my subconscious mind.

Jesus healed me.

I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. I didn't choose to follow Jesus because it was the right thing to do. I chose to follow Jesus because I believed it would lead me to a better life. And it did!

Here's what I've learned about Jesus and trauma: If beliefs create our experience in life, then aligning my beliefs with the ultimate power in the universe, Jesus should dismantle all the broken beliefs and thoughts in my life, right? YES!! That's EXACTLY what I experienced when I got baptized. When I gave my life to Jesus, I gave his spirit permission to come into my life and override every operating system in my body. It's the same thing we do when we're in a relationship with someone; we allow ourselves to be influenced deeply by that person. In that way, I gave Jesus permission to influence my thinking, feeling, decision making, body issues, and values. And in just a few months after giving him full access to my life, he healed me COMPLETELY. The giant swelling on my face went away, ALL my PTSD disappeared, all my triggers and sensitivities healed, 60 crazy symptoms of trauma vanished, and I stopped wanting to die after 18 years of fantasizing about suicide. All because in one radical moment of faith, I said, "Okay Jesus, I want to try it your way."

You see, when Jesus promised us, "I am the way, the truth, and the life," he wasn't just being cute and poetic. He was actually inviting us into a life of thinking, feeling, and seeing, what he thinks, feels, and sees as the God of the universe. We are partners with him in his full power and glory. When I adopted his belief system God powerfully rewrote the entire coding of my makeup so that all pain, decay, fear, shame, guilt, evil, hatred, anger, anxiety, depression, illness, etc. HAD TO LEAVE. If my life was a garden and my limiting beliefs were weeds growing in the soil, then Jesus would be like the supernatural, super-powerful gardener that came in to remove every bad plant so that I could actually grow and be myself.

I wouldn't say "Jesus healed me from all my pain, trauma, triggers, and PTSD" if it wasn't true. But that was my experience and I know that if it happened for me it can happen for you.

What you can do

The only way to heal from pain and trauma completely is to stop trying to heal yourself and give God permission to come into your life and do it. I tried for 10 years to do it my way, the world's way, the new-age way, the medical way -- but nothing helped until I totally gave up the fight and said, "Jesus I'm tired of living this way. Please come now and heal me." I had no idea what would happen. They call that faith.

Faith never makes sense to your mind. It insults your intellect and reasoning. Faith is a heart-condition. It's about letting your heart lead you into a life of believing in things unseen where the "unseen" God comes in and turn things around in a very visible way.

Giving my life to Jesus was the scariest thing I ever did. Trust me. Scarier than telling my story publicly. But faith in Jesus freed me completely and it didn't cost me anything. Jesus didn't care that I spent my whole life looking everywhere else. He knew he was my last resort when I invited him in, but he didn't care that it took me sooo long to ask him for help. He doesn't get offended by how slow we are to believe in him because his true pleasure comes from seeing us healed.

So go for it. Invite him in right now. He's ready when you are.

"Jesus I give you my life."

"Jesus let me try it your way."

"Jesus help me."

"Jesus, I'm in so much pain, please fix me."

"Jesus take over."

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