Staying PTSD Free

I am 100% free from 60 symptoms of PTSD and there is not a day that goes by that I don't thank Jesus for my complete and total freedom.

My #1 priority now after experiencing total freedom from PTSD is to continue walk with God and take my purity seriously,

because like they say in Spiderman, "With great power comes great responsibility." The Bible puts it this way in Romans 8:14-15 -- "Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God and are no longer slaves to fear." This means that when I gave my life to Jesus I was brought out of slavery to sin, fear, shame, pain, etc., and brought into God's holy family as his beloved daughter. And as a daughter, it's my desire to act in a way that honors my heavenly Father because I want him to please him and make him proud. My freedom fuels my discipline of holiness and energizes my passion for it. Sure, the outside world might look at me and think I'm a total buzz-kill now that I don't drink, smoke, swear or fool around anymore. But to me, this "sacrifice" of holiness feels like I'm actually cashing in on an all-paid, all-access, VIP pass into the realm of supernatural wisdom and empowerment, and I've grown to crave the privilege of knowing God intimately.

So is the fight totally over? Yes and no.

The struggle to be free from trauma is 100% over. But the fight over my soul is real and continues.

There are real forces out there that would love see me crawl back into the cage of bondage Jesus freed me from and have me forfeit my destiny. These forces are called demons and their resistance to my freedom is called spiritual warfare. It looks like this: Every once in a while, thoughts, fears, or emotions try to sneak in and stick around long enough to convince me that I'm not totally free and that it's okay to be a little stressed out, worried, confused, lost, sad, angry, offended, scared, etc., tiny versions of the big fears that once were there. I tense up about it until I realize what's going on. Then I turn on worship music, pray loudly, and declare boldly that I have been set free by the blood of Jesus, usually while dancing wildly in my kitchen. I speak directly to the spirits of fear and say to them out loud, "SPIRIT OF (whatever symptom it is) GET OUT IN THE NAME OF JESUS!" Once I've resisted the less-than-free ideas and refused to give them a place in my soul, the static noise lifts and I go back to thinking my own thoughts and processing life with Jesus' Holy Spirit, the only spirit left in the room besides mine. Sometimes I get spooked by the supernatural warfare, but I never back down from the fight and I'm never defeated because Jesus won the war when he gave his life for mine and rose from the dead. Knowing I belong to God means I get to fight FROM freedom, not FOR freedom, and I get to rest in the promise that I'm guaranteed a life free from bondage because "Who the Son sets free, is free indeed!" Mark 10:45

If I can heal, you can heal.

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