I am the founder & director of Keep It Sacred Sister (KISS), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides rape exam panties to survivors of sexual abuse in hospitals and clinics nationwide.


There are approximately 400,000 new rapes reported every year in the USA, and each survivor who comes forward for help must turn in her panties to the police as evidence. Ure founded KISS in 2018 to provide personal panties and a love note to survivors coming forward for help. KISS creates partnerships with SARTs (Sexual Assault Response Teams) nationwide whose advocates and network of forensic nurses hand out the KISS panty to survivors directly after their rape exam.


It's more than just a panty -- it's a healing movement. Our KISS panty lets a survivor know she is loved, seen, and believed by her sisters in her moment of most need. 

Keep It Sacred Sister is a non-profit organization serving survivors of sexual abuse.

Keep It Sacred Sister

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