About Me

Hi, I'm Delfina Ure, musical artist, author, and social entrepreneur from Southern California. 

As a first-generation American born in Los Angeles, CA to two Argentine parents, I grew up with a value for hard work and using my creative voice as a catalyst for change in the world.

I am the founder and director of Keep It Sacred Sister, a non-profit organization I started in 2018 to provide rape-exam panties to survivors nationwide. I am the creator of trauma healing brand, 'SACRED by delfina' a platform I created in 2020 to share my radical healing story and the power of the gospel to heal lifetime trauma wounds. I am the owner and lead teacher at Passion is Powerful, a music teaching program I started in 2007 to empower young girls through music. But I am better known as musical artist with the stage name "Delfina" having made my national debut as an artist in 2010 when I performed in Times Square for 1.2 million people on New Years Eve.

I currently live in Redding, CA where I'm an active member of Shasta County working with local and state governmental leaders and organizations to promote healthy community and create positive change for underserved populations. I'm also a proud member of Bethel Church, a global nondenominational family of faith led by world renown author and preacher, Bill Johnson.


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