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My name is Delfina Ure. I'm an Argentine-American singer/songwriter & social entrepreneur from Manhattan Beach, California. 

I've been singing and writing for as long as I can remember, but I never imagined my passion for expression would become a weapon to help heal others.

I launched my music career in 2010, but trauma forced me into hiding, until 2017 when I had to courage to share my story in my short-film, "The Coverup Girl Movie." After this, the #metoo movement started and I joined the YWCA rape crisis hotline and Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) in Los Angeles answering calls and accompanying survivors for their rape exams. This led me to start my own non-profit called, Keep It Sacred Sister (KISS), which provides panties to survivors receiving care from SARTs nationwide.

Stepping into activism gave my artistry a whole new meaning to use my voice to help others, but I didn't get free without a fight.


In 2018, my dad sued me for making "The Coverup Girl Movie," but I won! I received help from a very special Hollywood woman, Jill Smoller, and top New York lawyer named, Benedict Morelli, and in three short months I won the right to talk freely about my life forever. 

Winning the lawsuit was a major turning point in my healing because it was the first time I felt believed and defended. Tasting this freedom awoke a hunger in me for deeper healing, and in 2019 I gave my life to Jesus and was radically set free from 60 symptoms of PTSD.


Now I live in Redding, California where I'm surrounded by believers who passionately pursue the miraculous at Bethel Church, a global mega-church led by Bill Johnson.


I make pancakes and read my bible every morning, then I hop online to run my non-profit, blog, and change lives. 

The Coverup Girl 

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